….In  “I Prigioni” Michelangelo left some sections of marble incomplete, so that we could not physically see the shape and look instead with  the soul, the most intimate shape, that had no longer limited boundaries and was only feeling…

Giorgio Colli, Apollineo e Dionisiaco, Adelphi Milano 2010

The XII Night

To present our wines we decided to refer to a play by Shakespeare: The XII Night.

But the XII Night is above all the night of the epiphany: the day in which, according to various traditions, the beyond world comes into contact with earthly life and what was hidden manifests itself. The moment when the darkest and hardest period of the year ends and nature awakens. End and new beginning, death and new life meet.

When we talk about the wines of La XII Notte we are talking about epiphanic wines because in them nature manifests itself in its authentic expression. Each bottle is a small piece that tells the story not only of the vineyard and of the vintage, but of everything related to the context that contributed to generating that wine: from the first little daisy sprouted in spring to the hare run scared by a flight of birds. These are not wines built to obtain characteristics that conform to standards but wines in which the color, taste, aromas and aromas are exalted and out of the rules as exalted and ‘before the rules’ was Dionysus, the god of wine but before of all the god of nature.

Do not expect monochromatic or scientifically balanced wines, here you can find the choral expression of nature and the territory. We suggest to overcome the tasting techniques, so detached and inquisitive, and to go further. Let yourself be carried away by the sensations suggested by each sip, listen to the story that wine has to tell and listen for yourself!

We are in Zola Predosa, 15 km west of Bologna, red lands and vineyards made up of Pignoletto, Sauvignon and Barbera, vines that have always been present in this area and in the memory of its farmers.